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Global Compendium of Knowledge on COVID-19

19 April 2023 │ Departmental news

The Global Compendium of Country Knowledge on COVID-19 vaccination is now available on TechNet21.  
The Compendium stores over 140 documents and has recorded over 300 visits to the most popular ones. The Compendium is maintained and expanded to reflect the most relevant experiences and learnings from COVID-19 vaccination.  
The Compendium is a space that: 

  • Facilitates the sharing of documented successes and challenges of national COVID-19 programmes with other countries, development partners, NGOs and entities supporting vaccine rollout.  It is an opportunity to inform others on real-time issues, disseminate lessons learned and share possible solutions. 
  • Establishes a knowledge platform to inform planning for expanding vaccination across the life-course in non-emergency settings, and consider how emergency vaccination could be scaled-up in a future health crisis. 
  • Sends “information alerts” when updates become available, so users have access to latest experiences in a comprehensive and organized manner. 

The Compendium is primarily aimed for national authorities managing or making key decisions on the deployment, implementation and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccinations. The secondary audience includes partners in the One Country Team who can provide technical support based on the best practices found in the Compendium.  

The Compendium is organized in three areas:  

  • Country experiences, which includes shared country presentations on a range of topics.  
  • Case studies, which includes standardized case studies on several salient experiences. Also included are summaries of the analyses of country experiences. 
  • Country evaluation section, where lessons learnt from Intra Action Reviews and other reviews are shared. 

If you have experiences to share with the global immunization community, please contact the site curator We would be thrilled to discuss your experience and support the dissemination of your lessons learned.